Bringing Back “The Village”

Pregnancy, post-partum, and the early years of parenting can be full of overwhelming feelings, of isolation, of fear from lack of control and most of all the anxiety of not knowing how to balance it all. Then there’s a crazy expectation that we should just be elated about this new or soon to be bundle of joy, leaving us feeling utter guilt for having any thoughts/feelings that aren’t positive. Culturally we tend to speak to new & expectant parents in one of two extremes:  1. “OHHHH THIS IS SO EXCITING CONGRATULATIONS, LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL” 2. “OH JUST WAIT UNTIL THEY ___________” (insert something obnoxious and terrifying). While most people really do have the best of intentions, they’re just not experts on how to speak to new and expecting parents. Let’s be real, we NEED a village and long gone are the days that our village is an easy-reach within our own little communities. We’ve advanced technologically and seem to have accidentally regressed in basic human support. So, here’s where I come in – with an eclectic blend of real-life experience and formal education, mostly unfiltered, to talk about the things we’re all afraid to talk about at the dinner table and girls night, all available in a convenient technological reach (i.e. your computer/tablet/phone). Join a community of other moms, dads, and couples

Coming Soon (dates/times TBD):

·      Moms Support Group

·      Dads Support Group

·      Couples Support Group

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