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Sound Familiar?

*You thought you’d be happier & this would be easier

*You’re constantly overwhelmed/stressed and it seems like the same issues keep coming up

*You’re tired and want to feel better, but not sure where to start

*What you initially thought you wanted has changed now that you’re IN IT, feelings, priorities and plans have shifted

*You know there’s no way other couples and parents aren’t experiencing at least something similar, but the topic is taboo or you’re afraid to be vulnerable with friends/family

At Balance This, we know how overwhelming relationships, pregnancy, and raising a family can be. You can love your partner, you can be elated about your pregnancy, you can love your children more than words can describe, but you can also feel confused, sad, angry, worried, overwhelmed and many other ways.

You don’t have to keep all that to yourself. Work with a trained therapist, a mom, and a relationship expert to help you find ways to balance all of the feelings and hurdles that come along with raising a family.

Relationship Balance

If you’re searching for love, healing, or relationship advice, then I want to support your journey.

  • Enhance your relationship
  • Keep your relationship strong with a new baby (1st baby, adding another to the mix & blended families)
  • Deal with an argument or breakup
  • Effectively co-parent
  • Improve communication – better understand one another

Family Balance

Helping Moms, Dads, and Couples with family planning, pregnancy, post-partum, and balancing the everyday chaos of being a family.

  • A judgement free, safe space to talk through your curiosities, fears and hopes for your future as a family no matter what stage you’re in
  • Infertility issues add even more stress and pressure, none of which help the process of trying to conceive
  • Pregnancy & Post-partum can be isolating, scary, beautiful, exciting and full of unexpected turns for mom and dad, but you don’t have to face it all alone

It’s time to live your best life.