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Parenting can be hard, especially in the early years. My passion is helping Mom’s, Dad’s and Couples regain their balance so they are able to thrive as parents, safeguard their own mental well-being and nurture their relationship.
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Do you feel like you’ve lost your pink?

During the reproductive and chick-rearing stage of a flamingos life, parenting flamingos may temporarily lose or see a diminishing in their pink color.

When flamingos are incubating eggs and caring for their chicks, they often undergo drastic changes to their schedule and their diet. Parenting flamingos will prioritize foods that provide necessary nutrients for chick growth and development over their typical feeding choices.

Both mothers and fathers invest a significant amount of time and energy into chick-rearing, including incubation and regurgitating a nutrient-rich “crop milk” to feed their chicks.

It’s important to note that the loss of pink color in flamingo mothers is temporary and is most often associated with the specific phase of their reproductive and chick-rearing cycle.

As they return to their usual diets and routines after the nesting and chick-rearing period, their pink plumage tends to return to its vibrant color.

You may be asking why on earth I’m rambling on about flamingos – well I’ll tell you. As a mom, this information landed in front of me one day and it resonated deeply. Flamingos have a distinctive physical appearance that literally shows the hard work and effort they are putting into caring for their babies – meanwhile us human parents often struggle internally while we put on a happy face.

While new parents can expect to be more tired and heavily focused on the delicate needs of their little one, it does not mean that anyone should have to feel alone, abnormal or inexplicably overwhelmed.

Whether you’re a first time parent or your family is growing, it’s safe to say each new baby brings change and although welcome, a massive disruption to our existing schedules. Finding your balance again is key to thriving as parents, maintaining your mental health and not losing yourselves as a couple.

If you feel like you’ve lost your pink, reach out for help & join my movement to create healthier, stronger families. #GetYourPinkBack

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Become part of the movement.

I’m on a mission to help others with some of the most intimate and vulnerable areas of their life. No matter how we work together, there are key principles you can expect every time we meet.

+ Complete confidentiality, allowing you to open up and work through the healing or planning process without any fear of judgement

+ A safe space to explore your thoughts and feelings, nothing is too big or small

+ An objective point of view, allowing us to explore what is best for you

+ Motivation, support, and insight that encourages self-accountability, confidence, and results

Give yourself what you deserve. Start living a balanced, fulfilled life.

Working with Brittany can look like:

  • 1-on-1 work
  • Couples work
  • Group Work
  • Exclusive bonus content

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