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Life Can Get Messy

I can help you create and sustain balance to reduce the chaos.
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Humans are complex creatures; each of us with our own unique needs and experiences. While the nuances of our individual wants and needs may vary to a degree – we have many things in common.

Often we get stuck in patterns and an acceptance of a mundane life. Our culture has us hyper-focused on acclaimed quick fixes & instant gratification; marketing fad diets, fancy supplements and the latest schemes. You don’t need ANY of that!

What you need is to understand a few basic principles. How to recognize where you’re limiting yourself & why you’re holding yourself back consciously or unconsciously. Do you struggle with feeling consistently overwhelmed, repeating history, or feeling like everyday is always a crisis? I can help you.

Here’s how I did it ->

Today, I’m a trained therapist with a lifetime of experience (and a Masters Degree to match). I combine my formal education and past life experiences to create transformational plans for every person I help. I have a wealth of knowledge and tools that have proven to create and sustain balance in your life.

Relationship Balance

If you’re searching for love, healing, or relationship advice, then I want to help guide you. We can work together to create stronger, healthier interpersonal relationships with family, friends, colleagues or partners. Your relationship with others starts with YOU.

Life Balance

There’s nothing better than living a balanced life. If you need more clarity and fulfilment in life, then I want to help you achieve it. Ready to take your career to the next level? Making big life decisions, but need an un-biased sounding board? Parenting or Co-Parenting?

Create the life you’ve always wanted to live.

I’m on a mission to help others with some of the most intimate and vulnerable areas of their life. No matter how we work together, there are key principles you can expect every time we meet.

+ Complete confidentiality, allowing you to open up and work through the healing process without any fear of judgement

+ A safe space to explore your thoughts and feelings, nothing is too big or small to tackle

+ An objective point of view, allowing us to explore what is holding you back

+ Motivation, support, and insight that encourages self-accountability, confidence, and results

Give yourself what you deserve. Start living a balanced, fulfilled life.

Working with Brittany includes:

  • 1-on-1 coaching
  • Relationship strategies
  • Work & life guidance
  • Exclusive bonus content

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