Me In a Nutshell

I find that it can be easier to open up if you know a little about me too.

You should know that while I do have the degrees and a wall full of cute little framed certifications, those are not the things that make me the coach I am today. My success as a coach and the greatest value to my client’s is my ability to connect with others. I am who I am because of my life experiences and what I learned from them (even if it was the hard way).

I got a head start on caregiving as the oldest sibling out of four. I have 4 parents; Mom, Dad, Step-mom, and Step-dad and none of them are married anymore. My mom also ran an in-home daycare when I was growing up so I became well adept at caring for little ones and working with families very early on.

Today I am a mom of 2 myself and a wife to an amazing husband. Life wasn’t always enjoyable for me though. I started my own parenting journey as a single mom who struggled to balance everything from the checkbook to remembering when it was my turn to bring snack for little league.

Too many years, two degrees, and a much more stable life later I naively thought pregnancy, post-partum and family life would be a walk in the park (go ahead, chuckle). Here’s the truth, some days are downright hard, some are blissfully sweet, but when you can balance the two you can land in contentment.

I’ve dedicated my life’s work to educating others and providing a safe, supportive environment to learn, process, and grow. It is my sincerest hope that we can reduce the prevalence of antenatal and postnatal depression, strengthen the family bond and create the safest loving environments for our next generation to flourish.

Sometimes we are are own problem. Self reflection can be ugly and scary, but it is a humbling process & one that allows us to grow.

My MOM-CV/Philosophies

  • Mom of a teenage boy and a new baby girl
  • Cloth Diapering
  • Dairy Free Breast Feeding
  • Exclusively Pumping (Fed is best)
  • Mental Health Matters
  • We should celebrate Dads too
  • Messy buns are always appropriate
  • Some days you just need a mimosa! (For my NA & expecting friends, I highly recommend SURELY)

Let me help you figure out how to coordinate the chaos in your life. I’m here to help you find your balance in this crazy thing we call life, especially life with littles.

While working together I will give you psychological insights helping you to understand and navigate behaviors, emotions, and patterns that may be causing you grief.

I’ll work with you to create an individualized plan so you can gain clarity, find fulfillment, and live a balanced life as a happier healthier partner and parent.